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Why You Shouldn’t Shampoo Your Hair Everyday

Better to have clean hair than any oil build-up. That’s what we have been told or made to believe, which is also why many of us tend to shampoo our hair every day. And as nice as it is to have an amazing smelling fresh head of hair every day, there are some not-go-great side effects to this habit.

1. Drying Out Your Hair 

For many of us, shampooing our hair is the solution to getting rid of dirt and oil buildup. As unflattering as it can be, the natural oils in our hair are actually what keep moisture and shine locked in. By shampooing every day, we strip our hair of this moisture, which eventually dries it out. Not only would we be left with a dry scalp, but with dry and prone-to-breakage ends too. Now that is something nobody wants!

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2. Irritating Your Scalp 

Shampooing every day, which in our opinion is just overwashing, is a common cause for an irritated scalp. This causes everything from an itchy scalp, to dandruff, and in the worst case, even rashes. If you have a medical condition called eczema, you might just be making it worse by shampooing your hair daily. 

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3. Unwanted Inflammation 

Just like inside our body, our hair and scalp are covered by plenty of helpful bacteria that help us fight off unwanted viruses and bacteria that can enter our system through the scalp. By using shampoos and cleansers on our scalp every day, we lose the bacteria that is actually protecting it. This can cause inflammation from unwanted bacteria collecting in concentrated areas. 

Irritated Scalp_Shouldn't Shampoo Hair Everyday_NOW Care

4. Hair Fall Over Time 

Hair fall, and losing hair, is everyone’s biggest enemy when it comes to healthy hair (well, at least that is ours). Our hair has healthy oils and nutrients at the roots called sebum which pretty much nourishes and protects the hair to make it stronger. This means that the stronger our roots, the less likely we are to experience hair fall. Sadly, shampooing our hair every day gets rid of this sebum that makes the hair roots weak. So when we brush or run our fingers through our hair, we end up finding a lot more hair strands in the brush than we expected. 

Hair Fall_Shouldn't Shampoo Hair Everyday_NOW Care

Our Final Verdict

Washing or shampooing hair every day is definitely not the way to go. We end up washing away all the healthy oil and sebum build-up that nourishes our scalp, roots, and hair strands, eventually causing unwanted side effects. So the next time you are thinking about shampooing your hair 3 nights in a row, think twice! 

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