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The Unusual Positive Side to Plastic

It is unusual to think, and as much as we speak ill about plastic, in some case, it is actually beneficial. Whether it be by reducing the weight and therefore fuel consumption of transport carriers or ensuring safety measures in the medical field, there is in fact a positive side to plastic. If you’re like us and like to see the good even in the most problematic things, then read on to see some good in plastic. 

1. Plastic in the Medical Field 

We know you are probably tired of hearing about COVID-19, maybe just the word sends you into a frenzy. Plastic use during COVID-19, especially in hospitals, ICUs, and testing centers has been vital to reduce contamination. As long as we’re talking about containing the spread of the virus, we’d like to think that plastic packaged testing kits, gloves, masks, and so on have been a great help. But as always, there is a way to stay safe and still protect our planet. Using reusable masks as opposed to single-use masks is a great first step to reducing waste. Another important tip: if you use single-use masks, please remove the ear loops before you throw them away! Doing so will really reduce the accidents that chances of sea turtles and fish getting tangled in them. 

Plastic in Medical COVID Test_Positive Plastic_NOW Care

2. Plastic for Transportation 

The transportation industry is responsible for shipping and delivering products from not just around Switzerland, but around the world to where they need to be. Plastic, as opposed to heavy metal, wood, and other material, is significantly lighter in terms of weight. This results in a lower transportation weight for trucks, which in turn reduces the amount of fuel required to complete a transport. The reduced weight from the plastic helps to lower the carbon emissions from delivery orders, but of course, doesn’t make transportation carbon emission-free. 

Plastic Transportation_Positive Plastic_NOW Care

3. Plastic in Home Design and Infrastructure

For everything to do with infrastructure, design, and building, plastic has played an important role. Plastic is in small parts and pieces that solidify and support large structures like bridges. However, the infrastructure sector has long been talking about “green buildings”, an environmentally mindful way to construct commercial or private buildings that are high quality but have a low impact on the environment. 

Plastic in Infrastructure Green Building_Positive Plastic_NOW Care

4. Plastic in Innovation 

If you look at the beginning of the industrial revolution when all machines and processes turned to large-scale production, coal was the major source of growth. Plastic has also played a major role in innovation, with everything from computers, robotics, smartphones, and so on, they all have plastic parts that keep them together. 

Plastic Innovation_Positive Plastic_NOW Care

Although plastic is one of the environment’s biggest enemies, there are still positive and important uses to it. Like we said earlier, we like to see the good in the bad, no matter just how bad something may be.

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