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Is your Shower Routine Increasing your Carbon Footprint?

When it comes to our carbon footprints, what do we think of? The amount of fuel we consume through transportation, the meat industry, or the amount of waste we produce? While it’s true that so many of us are changing our habits to limit our carbon footprint from these sources, another source of carbon footprints could just be our shower routines. In today’s edition, let’s find out if your shower routine is increasing your carbon footprint.

1. Bathtub or Standing Shower? 

Of course, you cannot always control the kind of bath you have in your home. Sometimes you are either met with a bathtub or a standing shower. Either way, both options have different water consumption outputs depending on how you use them. At NOW Care, we aren’t opposed to self-care, so if an occasional bubble bath is your thing, you do you. But frequently filling your bathtub with water for baths is a common cause of water waste and thus increasing your carbon footprint. A simple solution to curbing the amount of water usage in the shower is to limit filling bathtubs with water to the top as much as possible.

Bathtub Shower_NOW Care Shower Routine Carbon Footprint

2. Water On or Off?

This may not be limited to just a shower, but to washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and washing your face. If you leave the water running while shampooing your hair, you end up wasting the water that isn’t actually used. And the same goes for brushing our teeth, doesn’t it? If we can turn the tap off while we brush our teeth, we can turn the water off while we shower, don’t you think? Did you know an average shower uses around 8 liters of water every minute? If we shower for 15 minutes every day, that’s a whopping 120 liters everyday!

3. Bathroom Products

The kind of products we use in the shower make a difference to our carbon footprint, believe it or not. Shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners that come in plastic bottles start their carbon footprint journey as soon as they are being produced. If you are interested to read about that, we have a blog about it which you can find here. Transporting these products increases carbon emissions because of how much they weigh. As primarily liquid products, they weigh more than other lightweight materials, and so increase the amount of fuel needed to transport them.

Bathroom Products_NOW Care

4. Less is More

Isn’t it funny how product options for men include things like 13-in-1 shower gel, while women sometimes have 3 different shampoos? Let’s not even get started on skincare routines, because that’s just a whole other discussion. The number of products that are in your bathroom, and those that are used to shower can quickly accumulate. A simple “less is more” mindset with the idea of consuming fewer products leads to a smaller impact on your carbon footprint, because the more products, the higher the footprint.

Less is More_NOW Care Shower Routine Carbon Footprint

That’s why NOW Care has introduced a lightweight alternative that is environmentally conscious and gives you the results you desire. Our unique powder-to-liquid formula only needs to be mixed with water at home once, and you’re good to go! Plus, since the product is so lightweight, we can save up to 200g of CO2 for every product! All you are going to need is 1 NOW Care powder sachet and you are ready to go! No more pile up of product bottles in your shower. 

Now you know just how much your shower routine is contributing to your carbon footprint. Ready to make some changes? Start by joining the waitlist to be the first to know when NOW Care is ready to deliver to you!

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