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What Benefits Do Soap Bars Really Provide?

Soap bars or solid soaps – however you like to call them – are not anything new to the market. At this point, they have already been around for many years, and at some point or the other, you would have used one. Either because it was the only thing you could find in your bathroom, the only soap available at a hotel, your soap of choice to take camping, or simply because you use soap bars. There is no denying that soap bars are great minimal (they are rarely zero-waste) waste products, especially those that come in recyclable packaging. But why is it that only 3% of consumers use them? (Statista, 2020). Today, let’s find out the benefits that soap bars provide, but why not many of us turn to them for our next shower. 

Benefits of Soap Bars

1. Minimal Waste

This is first and foremost, and you knew this had to be the first point on our list. Yes, soap bars are minimal waste, for the most part. Even though some brands call themselves zero-waste, don’t be fooled. The production process is rarely zero-waste. Ecological and sustainable brands package their soap bars in recyclable packaging, often cardboard or nothing at all. This means less packaging waste ends up in the landfill, isn’t that great? But there is a difference between zero waste and minimal waste. Soap bars are not zero waste, that is just a marketing trick by brands!

Zero Waste Recyclable Packaging_NOW Care Soap Bars

2. Ecological Production 

As opposed to producing liquid soap, cold processed soap bars are, you guessed it, produced at a colder temperature to preserve the essential oils that are inside. So less energy is required to power the production facility and even less water is required for the actual soap. 

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3. Non-Toxic and Biodegradable 

Soap bars, especially those produced from ecological brands, are made without any toxic ingredients such as sulfates or parabens. The base ingredients, usually shea butter and water are mixed with powerful natural oils and other components to create the finished product. In most cases, these are all-natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and non-toxic for ecosystems such as lakes and rivers that usually get pumped with our shower waste. 

NonToxic Ingredients_NOW Care Soap Bars

Why Not Many People Use Soap Bars

1. Not Always Convenient

For many people, using soap bars means changing the way they take a shower. As a result, many abandon them after testing them only for a short while and go back to plastic-packaged liquid soaps. We get it, soap bars slipping around the entire bathroom and a dirty shower are not really the shower experience we all expect and love, right?

Convenient_NOW Care Soap Bars

2. Bacteria Harvesting 

If you live in a household that includes more than just yourself, there is a chance that there are others that would use the soap bars. This leads to an accumulation of germs and bacteria on the surface of the soap bars that can be transferred from person to person. Avoiding such issues is why many consumers don’t use soap bars in the first place. 

Bacteria Harvesting _NOW Care Soap Bars

3. Drying out the Skin 

Although many soap bars are made with 100% ecological ingredients, some tend to be very high in pH levels. This high pH can dry out our skin requiring more products to be applied to reintroduce moisture. 

Dry Skin_NOW Care Soap Bars

So there you have it, that’s pretty much everything about soap bars, the benefits, and why only 3% of us actually use them. Now it’s your turn, will you turn towards soap bars or continue to use your conventional soap? NOW Care has a solution if you find yourself stuck between options. Our powder-to-liquid soap is made with 100% natural ingredients and packaged in compostable paper sachets. All you have to do is mix the powder with tap water once at home in your NOW Care bottle, shake it, and it’s ready to use! So if you are not convinced by soap bars, then NOW Care is the way to go!

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