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3 Reasons Why Expensive Isn’t Always Better

When you’re shopping, have you come across a product, wanted to buy it, looked at the price, but then put it into your cart anyway because you thought the higher price tag means guaranteed results? Who are we kidding, at some point in our lives, we have all been guilty of this. But guess what! Expensive isn’t always better, and a higher price tag doesn’t always guarantee better results because products may or may not be of higher quality. Intrigued? Stick around and read on!

1. It’s all About Branding 

You might come across a product, let’s take face cream, for example, with a higher price tag than usual. If the brand making the face cream is extremely popular, has a celebrity endorsing it, more often than not, it is bound to be more expensive than any alternative. That’s because the product has been branded in such a way that makes you think more about the celebrity endorsement than the actual ingredients in the product. And let’s not forget that the celebrity probably earns a lot of money just by being the face of the brand. 

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2. Compromising on Transparency 

Brands can use their high price tags to compromise on their transparency. Since a consumer mindset has been built around expensive products being better in all aspects, brands can hide important information about how they source ingredients, working environment, production quality, and so on. This is why expensive products can also cause more harm than good. 

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3. Is “Trendy” Really Worth it?

Social media plays a big part in what we consume and buy for ourselves. Trendy brands are trendy because they have aesthetically pleasing products, use creative ways to market them, but sadly don’t have products with good-for-you ingredients. But still, because it’s trendy, they will be much more expensive than an alternative that isn’t trendy. So what do we do? We still buy it! As cool as the product may seem, we end up harming ourselves. Is trendy really worth it? We’d say a bit NO. 

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There you have it. The 3 reasons why expensive isn’t always better. The next time you are scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok and come across a cool product, think twice before adding it to your shopping cart. The next time you are at the pharmacy and see a product with a lifesize cutout of a celebrity next to it, think about alternatives that are not as expensive and probably give better results anyway. Finally, the next time you come across an expensive product, think about whether or not they are being completely transparent with you. 

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